The GDPR fundamental principles

All processing of personal data must comply with the fundamental principles stated in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Principles that are to permeate personal data processing

The General Data Protection Regulation states a number of fundamental principles that can be said to be the core of the regulation. The principles apply in the case of all processing of personal data and it is important that you understand and apply them.
Always have the principles at the back of your mind when you are working with personal data processing.

The principles in brief

The principles mean among other things that as data controllers you:
• must have a lawful basis under the General Data Protection Regulation to be able to process personal data
• may only collect personal data for specific, explicitly stated and legitimate purposes
• are not to process more personal data than is necessary for those purposes
• are to ensure that the personal data is accurate
• are to erase the personal data when it is no longer needed
• are to protect the personal data, for example so that unauthorised persons are not given access to it and so that it is not lost or destroyed
• are to be able to demonstrate that and how you live up to the General Data Protection Regulation.


Anyone familiar with the Personal Data Act will recognise these fundamental principles. A new aspect, however, is that it is no longer sufficient to comply with the law but the data controller must also be able to demonstrate that and how the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation are complied with.
(Source: Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten IMY (fka Datainspektionen)

Personal data collected and processed by the preschool may be handled in the examples listed below

Enrolment forms

Background checks


Allergy information

Pension information

Child enrolment forms/Information

End of year reports

Parent complaints

Qualifications/References/Staff training etc

Information on maternity leave, paternity leave, holidays, tjänstledighet etc

Staff information

Injury reports


Grievance/Disciplinary records

Salary slips/Payroll


Child protection records

Data base applications

Recruitment records successful and unsuccessful CVs

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